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4 accessories to exfoliate the skin

Shower 1027904 960 720During the shower, it is necessary to clean but also soften and hydrate the skin without without assaulting it. For that purpose, you can use four type of accessories .

1 - Flower of shower

A flower of shower is compounded of plastic and appears like a flower. Funny thing is that it makes a lot of foam for  very few soap.

It is an excellent way of exfoliate sensitive skin smoothly while cleaning it.

2 - Exfoliating glove

This glove is more agressive compared to the flower of shower

As we put it like a second skin, it's reallys easy to exfolliate every part of body with smoothness

3 - Scrubbing glove

This one is not so different of the exfoliating glove is 

He is a little rougher and is very effective to realize a big exfoliating scrub with black soap on parts of the body as back, legs ...

4 - Loofah

The loofah is extremely rough. It's a glove I recommend to use on legs and back only for the skins which have no problem or sensibilities.

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