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Banding method to maintain frizzy hair extended

I learn you nothing by telling that the frizzy hair shrink a LOT until 75 % of their size when they are wet. It is what we call the shrinkage. Fortunately, there is a method of banding which is so effective to maintain hair stretched and disentangled. Discover more in my article.

Banding method consists to take an hair section and encircle it from roots to ends. So hair are maintained extending and disentangled during the drying

Banding 2

As we maintains the hair extended lets hydrate them !

  1. Wet your hair
  2. Make 4 sections
  3. On the first section apply your usual hair cream,
  4. Detangle the section
  5. Encircle it with an elastic in cotton along the length. So the banding begin from roots to ends. 
  6. Repeat the processus for the 3 other sections
  7. Let the hair dry as it is
  8. remove smoothly each elastic

Note :

  1. The number of section depends on your hair length. The more you have long hair, the less you can do sections.
  2. If you do regular space with the elastic you can have a wave effect when you'll remove the elasticand extended.

My advise

You can do the banding method before sleeping so in the morning you will have rehydrating hair disentangled!!

banding method hair shrinkage

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