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Razor on black skin, carefull to black spots !

RasoirGenerally, you have to  be carefull with a razor. The skin can react badly. And in the black skin case, you can get black spot for the rest of your life!! It's not what we want isn't it ?

I'm not going to talk to you about how to shave because I'm not an expert on this ... I'm going to talk to you about how to prepare, protect, and heal your skin so that it does not live your shaving session as a trauma !! I will also talk about how to prevent ingrown hairs. Remember that each trauma of your skin leads to a possible risk of bacterial entry and / or poor healing (black spots).

Before shaving

  1. Wet the skin surface you want to shave with lukewarm warm water to soften it
  2. Clean it with a mild soap to remove residue or leftover products applied during the day
  3. Rinse with warm water
  4. Tampon the surface clean with a towel
  5. 2 situations
    • Your skin is dry and / or sensitive:
      • Apply sweet almond oil to protect your skin
      • Apply a shaving foam
    • Your skin is oily or mixed simply apply the shaving foam of your choice
  6. Gently shave the skin surface
  7. Rinse the skin

After shaving

Dry and sensitive skin

  • Apply a layer of honey to heal and soothe the skin
  • Let stand 5 minutes rinse
  • Apply sweet almond oil on the part of the shaved skin

Oily or mixed skin

  • Apply aloe vera to your skin
  • Massage gently
  • Apply sweet almond oil on the part of the shaved skin


To prevent ingrown hairs It is necessary to use the flower of shower and to rub the skin delicately in a circular way. After 2-3 days, make a scrub adapted to the sensitivity of your skin.


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