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Shrinkage : How can I keep my hair stretched

shrinkageThe shrinkage define the natural capacity for frizzy to become shorter once they are wet. Hair length can be reduced about 75 % of the total length of a hair.

This is so frustrating to have this effect in particular when like me you want to grow your hair as much as possible!!!  However shrinkage doesn't affect the natural growth of hair as they grow normally 1 centimeter a month.

Why the shrinkage ?

Frizzy hair are like litte spring so when you extend a strand of hair, it come back right away into the same position. It's annoying but really if it is not the case and you have natural frizzy hair it would mean that your hair are damaged.

The more your hair  are frizzy, the more your curl is tight and the more your hair will have shrinkage effect. Other than their natural shape, frizzy hair have shrinkage due to water, huidity, wind, stress....etc

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Keep your hair extended

shrinkageTo keep the length of frizzy hair at the most, there are 3 possibilities:

  1. Flat Twists or braids: Make 4/6 flat twist on wet hair , let air-dry free
  2. Banding method : On wet hair, separate in 4 sections. Then for every section, put a rubber band in tissues every 2/3 centimeters from the root up to ends. Let dry in this way then remove rubber bands.
  3. Blow out : Stretch hair by with an hairdryer section by section

All these methods are temporary because every time the hair will be exposed to the humidity, nature will reassert itself.

I recommend to appreciate your hair as they are because frizzy hair being very dry by nature are not hydrated correctly when they are stretched.

Except the appearance, the contribution in hydration allows to keep flexibility, elasticity and shine by contrast, dry hair are more subject to breakage.



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