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DIY : Smoothing and repair conditioner for low budget

Cream 1464295 1280Haircare can fast become very expensive when we are focusing on the quality of the product. From my point of view, even if I want very long hair, It is out of question to spend hundreds of Euros for my hair.... I had then the idea to realize a smoothing and repair conditioner from a little expensive care and from some water of rice.

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When I was in the supermarket, I discovered this conditioner very nourishing from "Franck Provost" with butter of shea-tree and coconut. What has gain my attention is the presence of shea butter, the capacity of 750 ml and all this for a 5-€ prize.

The product is rather not bad but in fact, we know that there are not so much percentage (1 in 3 %) of shea butter in the product ?!

So I wanted to use this product with finally all its conservatives necessary to stabilzed the product and add natural product to nourish and smoothened the hair.

I vot efor water of rice and sunflower oil

I give you the big stages of the recipe, but I did not measure ingredients at the milimeters:

  • Prepare your cooking water of rice before. (60 %)
  • In this water of rice, add conditionner so that the preparation is creamy (30 %)
  • Add your sunflower oil (10 %)
  • Add some drops of Extract of pip of grapefruit
  • Mix until it is homogeneous

 Keep your preparation in the fridge

How often are you doing an oil bath for your hair ?

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