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4 steps to get rid of frizz

2014 03 11Frizz: a real nightmare to make well defined hairstyles. Hair get messy at the slightest presence of humidity and so even when you seem to have done a great hairstyle it seems messy!!

With frizzy hair, we could think that it is their nature, and be resolved to that but it's not the case at all!! Frizz testify that your hjair are dry or damaged.

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Shrinkage : How can I keep my hair stretched

shrinkageThe shrinkage define the natural capacity for frizzy to become shorter once they are wet. Hair length can be reduced about 75 % of the total length of a hair.

This is so frustrating to have this effect in particular when like me you want to grow your hair as much as possible!!!  However shrinkage doesn't affect the natural growth of hair as they grow normally 1 centimeter a month.

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4 accessories to exfoliate the skin

Shower 1027904 960 720During the shower, it is necessary to clean but also soften and hydrate the skin without without assaulting it. For that purpose, you can use four type of accessories .

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