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Thanks to melanin, black skin has a good protection regarding the sun. Black skin has also a very good thermal control due to the low quantity of sebaceous gland. However, it implies also an easier dehydration.

In a tropical context (humidity, hot temperature) as Africa, Caribbean isles, the dehydration is naturally compensated. By contrast in a cold context as Europe, the skin maintains its dryness often amplified by hard water.

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Melanin responsible of the skin colour are made by the cell named melanocytes. In fact, all skins color have the same number of melanocytes, they just work differently: For black skin melanocytes are more actives, they make bigger and darker melanin.

So the more the skin is black, the more it will be thick and will have a good sun protection.

The difficulty with the thickness of the skin is the bad healing and hyperpigmentation at the least spot, itching, friction…


Sun and hot temperature

To make a sufficient quantity of Vitamin D, black skin need a very long exposition to the sun. 

Also melanin naturally activated by sun give a very beautiful skin color. Shiny and gold for mixed skin and shiny and unified for black skin.

Another feature of the black skin is the poverty of the epidermis in sebaceous glands. High heat, skin fat not allowing to restore naturally the body heat, the skin sweats and hydrate naturally as if it had a real air conditioning system integrated, essential to the heat resistance that it absorbs easily.

The lack of sunshine and cold

Conversely, the lack of Sun and cold cause the skin to dry out and a snowy white complexion. At this time, must be compensated by a vitamin D absorption, hydration and protection of the skin by lipids.

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