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Dry skin oily or mixed

009 2His poverty in sebaceous glands, black aura skin tend to be dry, but this factor can vary from part its evolution with age, hormones, but also external elements such as the climate, temperature, heat, pollution, lifestyle food... The goal is to be able to determine your skin type in order to define the best care.

3 types of skin

1 - Dry skin

Dry skin have the particularity of tugging, irritate and are prone to chapping. Visually, the black skin becomes greyish. Dry skin is a nature of black skin that can be amplified by a cold climate.

2 - Oily skin​

When the skin is oily, its grain is thicker, the pores are dilated and the general appearance of the skin is dull, oily, shiny. This skin type is dangerous for the beauty of black skin because it promotes the pimples, black spots that turn into stains darker during healing.

3 -Combination skin​

Dry on the temples, cheekbones, and the maxillae, combination skin is usually oily on the forehead, nose, and Chin. It is best not to use too much fat cosmetics and moisturize in depth.

Sensible skin

Dry, oily or mixed, all skin types may be sensitive. This manifests as pop-up rash, tingling and burning sensations. The particularity of sensitive skin is to react to any factor of change: the application of cosmetic products, climate variations, certain foods, stress or simple rubbing of clothing. It is best to apply hypoallergenic products, and clean gently.

All you have to know 3

All you have to know about mix or black skin

Skin care routine 3

all you have to know about skin care routine

Dry skin oily or mixed

How to recognize if the skin is dry, oily or mixed

The lesions of the skin

The lesions of the skin.

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Last edited: 02/12/2017