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The lesions of the skin to know

The skin is the most exposed part of the body, according to its sensitivity, it presents different types of lesions. Depending on the nature of your skin some lesions may be recurrent and must be dealt with on a daily basis while others appear for a particular reason (wind, stress, cold, heat...)

1 - Redness

The redness should directly alert you because they often appear as a result of an alergique reaction, friction, the cold, the heat. They should alert you on the fact that your skin does not support the external factor (wind, extreme temperature, allergies to certain subjects...) you he made stand.

They arise in the form of red color plates and are painful. Attention should not be confused with a 'normal' rash (emotions, heat...) that they are not painful.

2 - Chap

The cracks are small cracks which appear on the skin due to prolonged exposure to the cold. They are usually painful and difficult to heal.

3 - Dander

Scales appear in case of psoriasis, eczema, solar burning... They arise in the form of rolls of dead skin that detach from the skin.

4 - Spot

The skin spot is a swelling which appears on the skin of diverse origin. (Acne, allergic reaction, skin...)

5 - Comedo​

The Comedo is a surplus of sebum accumulated through the skin. It can be white or black (Black Point)

6 - Black point

Clean black, black spots appear during healing of the skin. They are due to a surplus of melanin.

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The lesions of the skin

The lesions of the skin.

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