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8 cosmetics for skin

The skin requires specific care according to parts of the body

  • The face displayed permanently to its environment has a thniner and more fragile skin.
    • She requires light products which also protect external attacks
  • The rest of the body introduces a more thick skin.
  • The plant of feet and the palm of hands introduce a much more resistant and harsh skin.
    • Products applied must be nutritious
  • Don't forgotten the scalp located at the level of the skull which also requires adapted care.
    • With hair, products must be at the same time applied for hair and scalp

Clean and exfoliate

  • Cleansing
    • The make-up remover allows as its name points it out to withdraw making-up but also to clean the skin 
    • He can come in water or in cream
  • Micellaire water
    • The micellaire water contains small particles which are going to imprison the impurity of the skin. She is refreshing and allows to withdraw fatty substances, impurity and making-up without irritating the skin
  • Soap
    • The soap allows to withdraw the impurity of the skin. Just as the make-up remover, he can come under several forms in cream, in frost or in bread of soap
  • Exfoliant
    • Exfoliate is needed to remove dead skin cells from the epidermis surface


  • Hydrating gel mask
    • Composed mainly of water, hydrating gel smoothe and bright the skin
  • Lipstick
    • Lipstick is for moisturize and nourrish the lips


  • Mask
    • Generally used for the face, the mask nourrish the skin in depth. This product must be applied during some minutes before rinsing thats let the skin time to absorb the mask.
  • Cream
    • Mainly omposed of water and vegetable oil, cream moisturize and protect the skin from dehydration 
    • There is specific cream for each part of the body. Generally, face, body, hand and feet.

Which product I can buy ?

It is difficult to recommend a product rather than other one. It exists a tremendous number of marks and of products with very specific functions. Of more the skin of each differs from a person to other one. It is therefore necessary to test different marks, different products to the point of finding the token.

However you can know which is the more adapted for you. For example I know that I have a very dry black skin so i will look only at the product for very dry skin.

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8 cosmetics for skin

8 cosmetics for skin

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Last edited: 07/06/2019