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Protective hair style

Protective hairstyle is an hairstyle which protect the hair from everything which can potentially damaged your hair : Cold, sun, wind, pollution or even mecanic action as detangle.

For frizzy hair, it's really important because it prevents dehydration, knots and breakage.

You can do so much hairstyles but i consider 8 big categories.

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Before your protective hair style

Realise an hair mask to deeply moisturize and nourrish your hair.

Be aware to not realise your braids or twists to tight. You risk to damage your scalp.

If it is the case, remove smoothly your protective hair style and realise an hair mask with honey to repair the damage

During protective hair style :

You must not keep your protective hairstyle more than 1 month, so you can moisturize, nourrish your hair deeply and let your scalp free from traction. You must know that to much traction on your scalp lead to permanent hair loss.

During your hair style moisturize your hair and massage your scalp regularly. So your hair keep their good health

Take off the protective hair style

Take off your protective hair style smoothly. If you have knots, be very carefull to have brittle hair.

Realise a deep moisturized hair mask, massage your scalp. The more your hairstyle has been kept a long time, the longer you have to keep your hair mask

Protective hair style

Protective hair style


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