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10 hair products


We have all the reflex to immerse our hair in more or less expensive products to have beautiful hair… But quantity does not always implies quality. So it is important to know the right product to moisturize, nourish and protect hair according to their needs.

You can check my article “Hair routine " in which you will find a standard routine.

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4 products to wash and condition your hair

All the types of hair require to be washed,nourished and conditioned for that there is a possibility of having a weekly routine.

1. Hair mask

  • Role : The mask is necessary to nourish in-depth hair. Itmust contain the elements necessary to a hair in good health (Vegetable fat, vitamins, proteins…)
  • Use : The mask is used before the shampoo andmakes it possible to nourish in-depth hair and to protect it from the shampoo naturally draining.
  • Tips : The mask can be replaced by a receipt nutritivehouse (See the article Hair products).

2. Shampoo 

  • Role : For the crisp hair, the shampoo is not necessaryto each care. Naturally dry, the crisp hair is not dirtied easily.
  • Use : The use of a softening shampoo can be carriedout in 2 situations:
    • The accumulation of dust, pollution, the capillaryproducts
    • If your mask were very fatty, it is possible to usethe shampoo to remove the surplus of product
  • Tips :
    • Avoid using a shampoo in the event of itching,irritation with the risk to worsen the sitiuation. 
    • Natural products as rhassoul make it possible to clean the hair, thanks to their capacity to absorb
  • 3. Conditionner

  • Role : This product is necessary to condition the hair: Itgenerally has properties of flexibility, protectionand brightness.
  • Use : As its name indicates it, it is used after theshampoo in order to put in condition the hair foran easy capping. Its time of pause is generally ofa few minutes.
  • 4. Detangle 

  • Role : This product bears its name well because it will make it possible to disentangle most easilypossible by avoiding breakage.
  • Use : To apply the product, to let act a few minutes thento profit to disentangle the hair using one to démêloir (from ends to the root)
  • Tips : Honey can detangle hair very well

3 products to maintain hydration and protect hair

Once your hair is cleaned and nourrished, you must maintain the hydration until the next mask and/or shampoo.

Hair cream: This product is composed of water, grease and other elements (hydrating,softening…). 

Hair butter :This product protect hair from all external aggressions (water, wind, cold...). It finctions like  the sebum that frizzy hair has not.

Serum : This product does not nourish or protect but it smooth the hair temporarily.

Ce produit ne va pas nourrir ou protéger mais faciliter le coiffage en lissant les cheveux temporairement.

10 hair products

10 hair products

18 homemade hair recipe

18 homemade hair recipe for hair

3 other products

Hair Bulb : It is a curative product which applies to the scalp.The bulb is ideal for exampleactivating the growth of the hair and strengthening hair or of breakage. This last applies to the scalp followed by a massage.

Le spray : This product acts in a temporary way. It brings brightness on the hair most exposed to the external aggressions

Vitamins : There is some vitamins to take internally to help strengthen your hair



10 hair products

10 hair products

18 homemade hair recipe

18 homemade hair recipe for hair

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