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My afro Hair

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All type of hair has the same struture at the root

  • The scalp wich is colmpose of derma and epidermis 
  • The oil Gland wich create sebum(cf article sur le dessèchement)
  • Blood vessels for hair growing
  • hair shaft which is one hair


Finally, it's only the roots that define if the hair will be straight or frizzy.(see schema)

As the root, the hair shaft is the same for all type of hair.

  1. Medullary canal is at center of the hair
  2. Cortex : Mainly composed of keratin, cortex is the most important part of the hair. He defines strengh and elasticity of the hair shaft.
  3. Cuticle : Structured as a tiled roof, cuticle protect cortex from all exterior attack and from dehydration. Tiles are sealed between each other mainly by an oily substance called ceramide. Cuticle health is directly link to hair porosity.

Because of her flat form, the hair shaft will create a spiral as growing. so frizzy hair in good health appear :

  • Voluminous
  • In an afro
  • With a good elasticity (shrinkage)
  • Easily tangle because of their curls
  • Easily dry

And as all things has an explaination, the dryness of frizzy hair is due to the fact that sebum doesn't cover naturally the hair from root to end. Also, each curl cause the cuticle to not fit perfectly to the cortex. So the cuticle doesn't protect naturally from dehydration.

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Last edited: 20/10/2017