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Hair porosity

Porosity is the capacity your hair have to absorb ansd maintain hydration. Ideally, your hair especially frizzy must be correctly moisturized to be smooth, easy to comb and shiny.

If it's not the case, your hair will have frizz, be colourless, dry and tangle...


Scientific note

Porosity testify the health of your hair cuticle. 

This last is an extern envelop composed by cells linked with lipid to assure hair protection

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High Porosity

Hair with high porosity doesn't maintain hydration. They are dry, dull, colourness, they also are hard to moisturize and get tangled easily.

Why : Chemical treatment, high sun exposition, too much straghtener, hair dryer.  That is often the case for damage hair.

Take care to high porosity hair implied moisturize and maintain hydration by product specialised into damaged hair. This kind of product must repair the damaged hair.

Hair Routine:

  • Maintain hydration using vegetal oil or butter
  • Realise protein cure to repair the damaged hair
  • Rinse with cider vinager
    • Rinsing with vinager close the cuticle of the hair. So hydration is maintained and hair appears shiny.
  • Rinse with cold cater
  • Use hair products with acid PH :
  • A product with a PH < to 7 help cuticle to close. Aloe vera has a very low PH ( between 3 and 6)
  • Avoid the eat 
  • Try LOC Method

Low porosity

Hair with low porosity are difficult to care of because they take time before being wet, time to dry, time to absorb moisturized product we applied.

There is no cause of this particularity, just the nature of your hair

Take care to this kind of hair implies to enter he hydration into the hair.

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Last edited: 02/12/2017