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Frizzy hair Dryness

If one word can describe frizzy hair, it's really dryness, my article about Shrinkage testify that hydration is essential to have healthy hair with beautiful curls. My article about Hair porosity testifies that hair with high porosity doesn't keep hydration.

But event with a normal porosity and a good hydration, frizzy hair stay dry.

It's important to know that dryness is permanent because it's a nature of frizzy hair. By contrast dehydration is temporary and can disappear with just a moisturizer.

If i summarize, frizzy hair, is dry permanently so they easily get tangled, Sun, cold, wind amplify this dryness.

Let's look how we can take care of this dryness in a hair routine

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To protect frizzy hair from dryness, you first have to use Essentiel fatty acids. Even if they're essential to reduce the lost of water into the hair shaft and detangle hair, the body does not products these naturally, 


Essential fatty acids

Olive oilGenerally, essential fatty acids maintain the  flexibility of hair scalp, help to hold a normal porosity and smooth the hair.. They are distribute into :

  • Omega 6 which control hydration
  • Omega 3 which maintain hair flexibility

A deficiency of essential fatty acid leads to a dry scalp and thin hair that split easily. 

Where can I find Essential fatty acid ? Into vegetal Oil.

Scientific note :

Essential fatty acids age very easily so a supply of E or A vitamin prevent their oxydation.


Sebum is a lipid source produced by steatopathy at each hair shaft. Their fonction is to grease and let a protective film along the hair shaft. In fact, the natural protection of the cuticle is a mix of sebum, water and ceramids.

Frizzy hair does not produce so much sebum naturally but this substance can be replace by vegetal oil/grease upon the hair and the scalp.

Omega 9

Fatty acid essential to moisturize the skin and the scalp. For the health, this fatty acid has benefit against the premature age membrane. Olive oil has some Omega 9.


  • Forming fats produce a protective film for the hydration of hair shaft. To be clear, it act like the sebum. We can find these one into castor oil by example.
  •  Unsaponifiable help active ingredients to enter. Litterally, the word means that a fraction of some oils can't be transformed in soap.

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Last edited: 14/08/2019