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Hair Growth

Hair growth for frizzy hair is a real subject. We often hear that they didn't grow or if then that it's very slow. From my experience, i'm sure the growth is normal but actually, other factors contribute to think that frizzy hair does not grow.

  • At first, frizzy hair have a lot of curls so each time you want to comb or detangle them, it's a risk to have damaged, hair brittle. So this damages last by example 3 months. A part of your hair will be very long and other part will be short. Obligation to cut at the shorter hair...
  • Then, there is the shrinkage. Even if it is a sign of good health for frizzy hair, you lost visually at least 30% of you real length. So your hair will appear long only if their real length is at the middle of your back looool.
  • To finish, there is also hair loss due to hair style that are to tight. or the use of chimic poduct too agressive as relaxer, coloration...

To limit this visual impression you have to make an hair routin aware of hair brittle, hair loss and the health of hair scalp.

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Hair scalp

For a normal growth, your hair must be in an healthy environment.

For scalp, it means no itching, no dandruff, no scale and for hair it means no bristle, no tangle.....

If you have itching or other damage, you have to make a shampoo, massage your scalp, apply a cleaning product and avoid to realise braids, twists... until scalp become healthy.

Some natural cosmetic as honey and yoghurt can help


Vitamin are essential for an healthy growth. Actually, a deficiency into one vitamine can result in hair loss. Discover the vitamins below :

  • Vitamin A

    It contributes to flexibility and shine of the hair

    If you have a deficiency in this vitamin, hair become dry, colourness and dandruff could appear. If you use vitamin A pills, be carreful to not use too much or you risk to have hair loss.


  •  Vitamin B

It stimulates cells renewal so the ones that is for hair growth. You can find these one naturally in avocado, honey and banana.

  •  Vitamin C

Antioxidant, vitamin C helps with the prematuring aging of cells

You can find naturally this vitamin into banana, orange and lemon

  •  Vitamin E :

Antioxidant, vitamin E stimulate hair growth and protect the skin/scalp from dryness. Actually it helps a lot the Essential fatty acid

You can find those in avocado


Keratine is mainly made of protein link each other by sulfur link. If you take these as food supplement you will have 3 effects :

• Improvement of robustness and hair growth
• Control the sebum secretion for grease hair
• Eliminate toxin on the roots

More information into my article Shrinkage


  • Zinc

Zinc is very important for hair growth. One sign of deficiency is the dowturn of hair growth, brittle nails and white spots on nails.

Be careful to not use too much zinc  or you risk to have an opposite effect.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium help the cells responsible of hair growth.

    • It activates Vitamine B
    • Antistress, it will help to minimize hair loss due to hormone.


Note : Magnesium need to be fix by Vitamine B6

  • Iron

Iron is good for the health of blood and the one of the hair. A defiency lead to hair loss carence en fer entraine une chute capillaire

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