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Amazing natural product, honey contain mainly carbohydrate (78 to 80 %), water (17 %).

At a lower quantity, there are also  other elements as :

  • Potein
  • Minerals as calcium, potassium
  • Vitamines B1 , B2 , B3

Hair benefits

Onthe hair, the big quantity of sugar straght, strenghten and smooth the hair the most tangled

Honey has the properties to smooth, strengthen and soften the most tangled and damaged hair thanks to its high content of sugar. Also it maintains hydration of the hair by its humectantes properties.

At the scalp level, honey helps with dandruffsand irritation : It heals and clear the scalp.

Note that if you want some gold reflects honey can help to lighten your hair a little

Skin benefits

Hair mask is efficient with dry and sensible skin.
Its humectants properties help against dehydration, and its healing properties helps with cracking of skin, irritation.


Masque hydratant et démêlant au miel




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